Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Pull Of The Moon...

The stage play, Dark Of The Moon, is a supernatural romantic tragedy set in the haunting atmosphere of the Smokey Mountains. It deals with witches, humans, and the intersection of their worlds. Based on the legend of Barbara Allen, it recounts the story of a Witch Boy who once beheld the beautiful Barbara Allen and instantly fell in love with her. He is given human form to woo and marry her on the condition that she remain true to him.

The marriage is consummated and Barbara gives birth to a witch child whom the midwives burn. In a frenzy of religious revival Barbara is led to betray her witch boy husband, breaking the spell. She dies and he returns forever to the world of the mountain witches.

I played the role of The Witch Boy in a college production in Los Angeles in 1970.

3000 miles away, at the exact same time of year, my future wife Barbara was playing the role of Barbara Allen in her Syracuse High School Production of Dark Of The Moon.

In 1978, the pull of the moon brought us together.

I drove down a winding canyon road, under a full moon, to a bar in the City. My waitress was Barbara. We've been together ever since

That crazy Moon Goddess holds destiny in her fingertips...