Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost and Found in Translation

Star Wars brought me to Japan which turned out to be an amazing journey.
While in Kyoto, I had a yen for a blessing. No, I'm not looking for my dropped contact lens. Actually, I paid ten yens for a blessing from a monk.

I had the opportunity to speak to some Star Wars fans in a mall in Tokyo. They were very gracious. Sitting to my right is Barrie Holland. He played Imperial Officer Lt. Renz in Return Of The Jedi. His signature line in the film "You rebel scum!" was a classic.

We took the train from Osaka to Tokyo. My traveling companions were a wild bunch. Barrie Holland, Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), Lightning Bear (Legendary Native American Actor/Stuntman), and Ian Whyte who played The Predator in AVP.

Ken hunting Zombies in Dawn Of The Dead.

Lightning Bear as a Biker Scout in Return Of The Jedi.

Ian attacks!

Our host was Abbey. He was a bundle of pure joy.

I left Japan with a smile... And a yen to return!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Blog Odyessy. Is there life beyond the Hollywood Stars?

    The Year 2010. Planet Earth. Somewhere in Van Nuys.

           (A suburban Dad enters the kitchen)

          "Open the refrigerator door Hal."

                      Home Computer
            " Sorry Dave, I can't do that."

   "Come on Hal. Just one more slice of Pecan Pie."

                      Home Computer
   "Sorry Dave. What about those New Years resolutions?"

    "Screw 'em. I need some pie! This is my house."

                     Home Computer
       "Not according to Wells Fargo Dave."

     "Don't be a wise ass Hal. If you don't open that door
      I'm going to give you the reboot."

                       Home Computer
        "Ooooh. I'm shaking in my console"

              "You don't believe me?"

                     Home Computer
      "You're not sticking to your resolutions Dave.
        Why should I believe you?"

            "I'll deal with you in a minute."

       (Dave storms down the hallway.)

           "Open the bathroom door Hal!"

                      Home Computer
             "Sorry Dave, I can't do that."

To be continued....