Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Post

In 1977, I walked into a post production facility in Hollywood and was greeted by George Lucas. He was putting the finishing touches on his latest film. He led me into a sound booth. From there I could see a small movie screen on the wall. He explained to me that I was going to be voicing a character in his film. He gave the go ahead and the movie screen came to life.
There, in front of me, I saw my first X-Wing zooming through space. At the controls was WEDGE ANTILLES..also known as RED 2.
Wedge was being played by the terrific Scottish actor, Dennis Lawson. The first words out of his mouth..."Look at the size of that thing!" He spoke in a thick Scottish brogue. George gave me a few directions. I put the head set on and stepped up to the microphone.
"Look at the size of that thing" I said, seeing the Death Star for the first time. George gave me the thumbs up. And I continued on. "I'm on him Luke,"... "Right with you boss."... "What about that tower?" ..."Fighters coming in point three!" ... "I'm hit!"
In between takes, Mark Hamill entered the sound stage and plopped down on the sofa. Blue jeans and bare feet. He was full of life and great energy and it was a pleasure to meet him. A couple hours later I finished the job. George shook my hand. I was now the voice of Wedge Antilles in Star Wars.

An additional bit of Star Wars trivia...George also had me voice another sequence in the film. A briefing room scene with Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. In this scene a different actor was hired to play Wedge. Dennis Lawson was unavailable so Colin Higgins took his place. The line I voiced in this scene:

"That's impossible, even for a computer."

Luke responds, "It's not impossible, I used to bulls-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They're not much bigger than two meters."

...when I walked out of the sound studio and stepped onto the Hollywood sidewalk, I had no idea what I had just become a part of.

More to come...

"Red 2, standing by"....


Barbara said...

Yay, honey! Welcome to blogland! You have the most interesting story out there! Can't wait to see how you tell all the stories of your life. (Even if I already know some of them!) Congratulations! xoxox B

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Honey - oops, I mean David (just read Barbara's comment!) welcome to the blogosphere!
I have followed Barbara's blog and she has occasionally referenced you - so my interest was already piqued.

I've never been into Star Wars, but all the male members of my family are big fans.

Hope you have a good run here.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, David. May the Force be with you. Oh wait, it is!!

Matty said...

Who knew that even stars fix their own things. It's nice to finally meet the guy under the sink.

Snap said...

May the Force be with you and welcome to Blogland!

Yana said...

Hi Dave,

You were older than me at La Canada Elementary. What a wonderful childhood you had! I had a big crush on Cary (in 2nd or 3rd grade - I think it was his haircut) and wonder what happened to him. It was when the "Flying Purple People Eater" was a top hit. I remember looking up Ankrum in the La Canada phone book and seeing Flanders Road as the address but I was afraid to actually look for the house. I always looked for Morris Ankrum's name in movies and TV after I saw that he was Cary's dad! Too bad I didn't have some of your family pictures when I put together a history of La Canada for the Arcadia Publishing series. Do you remember Ed and Aida at the La Canada Variety? How about Buddy Winfield? Or the wooden lunch tables in the middle of the school, and the fountain to wash our hands that never worked outside of the "cafetorium?" I didn't have pictures of those important memories either. It was great reading your blog and finding out that you
had a monster museum in our little town.


Yana Ungermann Marshall

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