Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hollywood's Ups and Downs

In 1978 NBC was casting a comedy pilot for the upcoming season called "Coast to Coast". I was called in to audition for the male lead. I first read for the casting director. They seemed to respond to my reading and called me back the next day to read for the Producers and Director. I connected well enough in that reading to get screen tested. I showed up at the studio and they filmed my audition with one of the leading actresses that had already been cast. The actress was Melanie Griffith. We had some good chemistry and the screen test went well. The other actor being screen tested for my role was Adam Arkin. I drove home and waited for the phone to ring...

Why isn't my agent calling???

Ring! Ring!

I got the role!! A Hollywood UP moment!

..So we filmed the pilot episode. In the show, the three of us worked for the Airlines and flew "Coast to Coast" from Los Angeles to New York. We lived in the Marina. Life was good. The show was directed by Bud Yorkin and picked up for a full season by NBC. We were mentioned in Times magazine.

After the filming was done we all were very excited to start filming the first episode of the season.

...and then THE BOMBSHELL!

I received a call from the Producers. Bad news. The network President at NBC was replaced. The new President decided that he wanted to do a series about a Train...Not a Plane. And so...

.....And there's the Hollywood DOWN.

But a great life lesson learned. For every door that closes another opens.

Knock! Knock!


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh it is good to see you blog again - it has been awhile.

How true that when one door closes another opens - but sometimes you have to knock - other times you have to open the door yourself - and yet other times leave the door closed - but how in the world does one know which is which and what to do?

Enjoyed your story. Would have been a good T.V. show and Melanie Griffith!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Too bad! Sounds like it was a rollercoaster ride.

Linda said...

Oh what an up and down for sure. Life is like that and will always be I guess. Good to see you blog again.