My client Rebecca Wisocky will be seen in the upcoming Lifetime Series Devious Maids.

After getting the shaft from ABC, Marc Cherry's "Devious Maids" has officially been picked up by Lifetime!
"We are glad the show has found a home," star Ana Ortiz told The Huffington Post exclusively via email this afternoon. "It is going to be such a thrill to work alongside these Devious Divas," she added.
Ortiz says she's not the only one who's excited about the Lifetime pick-up--Marc Cherry is, too. "Marc seems excited about the partnership with Lifetime. I think he has a lot of wickedness up his creative fun!" she wrote.
Based on a Mexican telenovela format, “Devious Maids” follows four maids who work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills, but have ambitions and dreams of their own. The show stars Ortiz (“Ugly Betty”), Dania Ramirez (“Heroes”), Roselyn Sanchez (“Without A Trace”)  Judy Reyes (“Scrubs”) and Rebecca Wisocky, and is co-executive produced by Mark Cherry and Eva Longoria.
Ortiz, who is best known for her endearing and memorable portrayal of Hilda Suarez on ABC's hit comedy "Ugly Betty," knows what it's like to work on a show that feels like a tight-knit family. In her email today, the half-Puerto Rican actress said that's exactly what "Devious Maids"--which stars four Latina lead actresses-- is like. "The thing I am most looking forward to," she said, "is playing with this incredible cast."
So, how does she like her new network? "It truly is an opportunity of a pun intended," she joked.
Congratulations to Ana and the other Latinas of "Devious Maids!"